Website Manager

Website Manager:Trading & Development
The website manager service include:
I. Manage site performance

  • Ensure site is fully optimized – SEO and SEM
  • Analyse & report weekly on website analytics & trading KPI’s
  • Analyse customer journeys to identify opportunities to improve customer experience and conversion
  • Ongoing development to ensure online sales and conversion opportunities are always maximised.
  • Ongoing quality control inc. setting up regular testing schedule

II. Manage website development

  • Ensure full functionality of the website
  • Put successful initiatives in place for SEO and SEM.
  • Test web site across a number of applications / tablets
  • Day to day management of web site content
  • Liaise with website developer, web designer and course writer on development of site
  • Understand and optimise user journeys
  • Manage timelines to ensure project remains on time and on budget
  • Oversee the expansion of this website so it sells our full range of courses