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Login Sessions Timing Out on OJS Current version: (October 12, 2021 – 08:41 PM)

Current version: (October 12, 2021 - 08:41 PM)

It is that hte login Sessions Timing Out on OJS probably a matter of adjusting your PHP configuration, e.g. the gc_maxlifetime setting. If you’re behind a proxy, you may also want to try disabling session_check_ip in config.inc.php.
Some sessions variables:
Number of days to save login cookie for if user selects to remember
(set to 0 to force expiration at end of current session)
session_lifetime = 30

This check will invalidate a session if the user’s IP address changes.
Enabling this option provides some amount of additional security, but may
cause problems for users behind a proxy farm (e.g., AOL).
session_check_ip = Off
Specially if your version of the OJS is hosted Amazon that may use a load balancer in Amazon Web Services.

The last option by changing on the config.inc.php, the session_check_ip off that solved for us.