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Yoast SEO academy -Local SEO – Certificate – esmartsolution

Yoast SEO academy -Local SEO – Certificate – esmartsolution
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4 Incredible Ways Social Media Can Impact SEO Both Directly And Indirectly

4 Incredible Ways Social Media Can Impact SEO Both Directly And Indirectly

The question of whether social media marketing affects the search engine optimization results has always left people in the industry polarized. With Google themselves saying that social media efforts do not affect the search engine optimization ranking, many have accepted that as the truth. However, there are still many ways that your social media campaign can boost your search engine optimization results and we will get in to those ways in this article to better educate users on why they should not even think of giving up on social media efforts.

Sharing on social media increases the traffic to your website

Posting a link of great content on social media will bring about shares and likes, generating engagement in the content piece. It is also a great way to get anyone browsing their social media pages to move on to and discover your business site. When you interact with these potential customers on social media site, you help ensure that your firm is on their minds. As any magento development company will point out, this will increase the traffic to your website, helping your organic search ranking which makes you look better in the eyes of the SEO algorithm.

Social media profiles show up in search results

Just search a company on Google, maybe a magento website development company. Among the search results, there is a good chance you will find links to the social media profiles of that particular company. If you can do the same and put all your social media profiles and your company site on the search results, you gain valuable screen space which has the added benefit of pushing out any competitor sites too. To do this, maintain an active social media presence and interact closely with your customers.

It is easier to get external links using social media

Anyone in the business of digital marketing knows that having external links, especially from reputed companies is an important aspect of ranking a website higher on Google. When you use social media sites to share your contents, there is a higher chance that another company or page will take that link and include it in their own content, linking back to you. To do this, ensure that you are posting content of high quality on your social media sites. This increases the chances of a person reading it and sharing it with someone they know.

Causes a greater awareness of your company and its products or services

Almost two billion people use Facebook on a monthly basis while around three hundred million make use of twitter. Just these two stats show that there is plenty of potential and market that you can use to advertise your company and its products. When you make use of social media marketing, it increases awareness about your company and might push some people to search you up and check up your website which can in turn help your SEO ranking and cause an increase in the traffic to your website.

Junaid Ali Qureshi

is leader/representative/frontrunner of an expert magento development team and an experienced digital marketing specialist dedicated to develop intuitive, well crafted, smart websites having blistering opening on search engine(s) making time and money worthwhile. His current ventures include magentodevelopers.online , Progostech, Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.

HTTPS is a ranking factor in Google search engines

HTTPS is a ranking factor in Google search engines

The HTTPS(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure)
Google has now introduced HTTPS as a ranking factor in the search engines and favours websites with SSL encryption. Give your website a nice boost within Google ranking by connecting any SSL’s to your domain name.

By activating the https on your website, a green padlock(Google) sign that displays in the browser address bar. This reassures your visitors or customers that your site benefits from the extra security of HTTPS.

Benefits of  HTTPS:

  1. Better ranking in Google searches.
  2. More accurate analytics for traffic coming from other secure websites.
  3. Improved security against your traffic being hijacked.
  4. Read more

Google Adwords editor

Google Adwords editor

The Google Adwords editor  is desktop app that allow to manage your Adwords account offline. No version available for Linux at date of today(08/04/2015)

Adwords editor is a free, downloadable desktop application allows:

  1. To quickly and conveniently make changes to your accounts.
  2. To download your Adwords account information, edit your campaign offline, and upload your changes to Adwords.
  3. Manage edit and view multiple accounts at the same time
  4. Can copy or move items betwen Ad groyps and campaigns and undo and redo multiple changes while editing campaigns.

Here,  at that date, 8 March 2015, google don’t have a version of his Adwords editor for linux( several types like Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Suse and etc.)

Google Adwords Editor

On Google web the are the OS of Adwords Editor is available only for Microsoft Windows 7/8 and Mac OS X(10.7+)

There is system requirements of Adwords Editor at 16:46 on 08/04/2015.

AdWords Editor is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Mac OS X (10.7 or later, Intel only).

¿Is there a version of Google Adwords Editor for Ubuntu?

Adwords, how keywords trigger your ad to appear

Adwords, how keywords trigger your ad to appear

Example: Let suppose for Ad in Google Adwords campaign you have as keyword “website development Cambridge, UK”. When someone searches in Google Search using the phrase “website development Cambridge, UK” or similar to your keyword, you Ads might appear next to Google search results.

Your Ads can also appear on other websites in Google Network that are related to “website development Cambridge, UK” and they allow you your ad to appear.

keep this in mind:

The benefits of Google Adwords is showing your Ads to the right people in right place and at the right time.

Google Adwords also offers several tools to easily mange and monitor accounts like My Client Centre(MCC) manager account and Google Adowrds Editor.  Adwords editor is a free, downloadable desktop application allows:

  1. To quickly and conveniently make changes to your accounts.
  2. To download your Adwords account information, edit your campaign offline, and upload your changes to Adwords.
  3. Manage edit and view multiple accounts at the same time
  4. Can copy or move items betwen Ad groyps and campaigns and undo and redo multiple changes while editing campaigns.

Google Adwords, where my Ad will appear?

Google Adwords, where my Ad will appear?

Google AdWords, is a part of SEM(Search Engine Marketing) is the most popular and effectively
program to improve you website ranking or increasing the sales(e-commerce)

There a several SEM program in online Facebook, twitter, Bing Ads and etc. The main idea of that document is Google Adwords.

¿What is Google AdWords?
The Google Adwords is online advertising program, allows you reach new customers and grow your
business. Also allows you to increase the popularity of the landing website.
For example, according the keywords of your campaign, when someone using Google to search something using a word or phrase similar to your keywords campaign your Ads must appear next to Google search results.
Could see on the next picture. Using the phrase in Google “affordable website e-smartsolution.co.uk”, the Google search Results has two placements of advertising: Fisrt at all on the top and at the right.
google Adwords

¿What are the placements for Google?
The placements is where your advertising will appear. The placements are

  • Advertising on non-search websites. A non-search website is a website, who using the Google Adsense program accepts and allows Google to add advertising.
  • Google owned properties like youtube.com and Google partner sites like Nytimes.com or families.com


Example of Google non-search website. The blog of e-smartsolution.co.uk/blog adds a Google Adsense that means Google can put advertising on the placements decided previously by the website manager or programmer. Could see the next image for more information:

Google non-search website

These websites are all part of the Google Display Network.

 Google Display Network: The Advertising on Google search results, non-search websites and Google website( example Youtube) and Google’s partner sites.

Now, where your Ad will appear? Google automatically determines where your ads will appear by matching your keywords of your Ad campaign to the websites in the Display Network. That is important, Google allows you to choose the display network. Independent of the Display Network, what is the Ad rank?

Ad Rank
How Google determines which ads appear in which positions, in conclusion, Google will determine the position of your Ads based on your Ad Rank.

¿What is my Ad Rank?
According to Google documentation, your Ad Rank is based on a combination of your bid(how much are willing to
spend on you campaign) and your Quality Score.

What is my Quality Score?
According to Google documentation, you Quality Score is the measurement of the quality of your ads, keywords,
and website. So, the relevance of your keywords, landing pages(is the website when someone clicks on your ad)
your ad’s clickthrough rate(CTR), adjusted for its position on the page, and your ad are every bit as important to your ad’s rank as the amount you’re willing to spend.


Independent of the quality of your ads, keywords and website, I am not sure, because no one knows the Google Algorithm used to determine the placement of ads, but the placement of your ad is dependent how much are paying to Google to appear on his display network, because something you can’t change the quality of your keywords or importance of the landing page( independent on SEO), but you can quickly increasing the amount to pay by click to Google and your ad will appear on the first position or between the 10 ads on Google Display Network. The money here is key of success!

SEO versus SEM

SEO versus SEM

Different Intents And Effects of Listings in Paid Versus Natural Results

Different Intents And Effects of Listings in Paid Versus Natural Results
When we had launched the store online, “boutique de franceaurevoir” by europegoodbye. We had decided to invest in SEO to increase the customers also the sales, investing in search engine marketing(SEM) using google Adwords.

The customers had been increased, as well we were expected, but the total of visitors had not increased like we had expected, because we were wrong: The total visitors on the website is not visitors by organic(SEO), current + visitors by SEM. So we start seeking for the causes, why our visitors on the website is not increasing a lot?
So we find that explanation:

Interaction Between Natural and Paid Search
Different studies, for example by Sephan Spencer wrote an article for Search Engine Land, an organic search went up when the PPC campaign was turned off.
Google also did a study on this, published in July 2011, that showed that organic search traffic did go down when a PPC campaign was also in effect, but that the combination of the organic plus paid search traffic was higher.


At the end, is good to invest in SEM, but with common sense, as well as you don’t allow any mechanic to repair your dream car, why you don’t do the same with your marketing online?
The total of visitors can increase when you start a PPC campaign but never the total visitors will be organic visitors plus visitors by PPC.

By Moussa Ki Sow

Need more information:
1) The Art of SEO, Mastering Search Engine Optirmization(ISBN:978-1-449-304214-0) by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola, Rand Frishkin
2)Search Engine Land(Google Study: PPC Ads Do NOT Cannibalize Your Organic Traffic)

e-smartsolution, a SEO Management

e-smartsolution, a SEO Management

in Cambridge, United Kingdom(UK), Europe

As well as Richard Baxter  said, “Finding decent SEO Managers is no easy task”, read more

SEO management

e-smartsolution has a several experienced  SEO manager with more than one decade of experience. As well you don’t allow everybody repair your car of your dreams, why you don’t do the same with the prestige of your project, SEO management, social manager?

e-smartsolution, a seo management include

Identifying site improvements to improve SEO performance.
Identifying and prioritizing opportunities through keywords research and analysis.
Monitoring and analysing competitor techniques and link profiles.
Working with content teams to build and manage content plans for the purpose of expanding on-site keyword targeting.
Working with content teams to generate content assets with the aim of promoting these to earn links from third party. websites back into the domain.
Generating further link acquisition ideas.
Monitoring and reporting on SEO performance.
Helping to educate and develop the more junior members of the SEO team
Assisting with managing PPC campaigns.

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Affordable website design and develop, responsive for £990

Affordable website design and develop, responsive for £990

in Cambridge, United Kingdom(UK), Europe

Domain Name – if you don’t already have one. This is a small, but yearly cost.
2. Hosting – website files, images and database need to be uploaded to a hosting
3. Site Development, e-commerce
4. Graphics / Images – more graphics the higher the cost
5. Search Engine Registration – search engine and directory registration
6. Changes – even with the best designers, after it is done you will want changes
7. Social networks: Create the social networks account if you don’t have and connect
these social account to your website.

That offering include also an Unlimited pages, Unlimited products, Fully content managed
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