What CMOS Settings Wrong, CMOS date/Time Not Set?

The CMOS Settings Wrong, CMOS Date/Time Not Set are telling you the date on the device is not set.

What CMOS Settings Wrong, CMOS date/Time Not Set?
what is CMOS? CMOS is Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor or CMOS RAM, Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM), Non-Volatile BIOS memory: Most CMOS batteries will last the lifetime of a motherboard, up to 10 years in most cases.

1- It’s possible if the device was a long time without power and the CMOS battery is drained out or either the CMOS battery is dead.

1- Solution A – if the CMOS battery is not dead you connect to power and set the date and time and let the device charge that battery. If after a long time you can remove the power cable and reconnect it. If you restart the device and do you still seeing the same message about “CMOS Settings Wrong”: Definitely the CMOS battery is dead!
2- Solution B – You will replace the CMOS battery; you search by brand and model and buy a new battery.