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How to remove cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js, to avoid CloudFlare add this Javascript

CloudFlare add this Javascript is adding javascript cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js.
To log in to your CloudFlare -> your domain name -> To Apps

And check the tab “Your Installed Apps” and uninstall the apps you do not need.
Enter to CloudFlare -> your domain name -> To Apps

This Javascript will alaywas appear on your website if you have at least one App installed on Cloudflare dashboard. if you see: “You haven’t installed any apps on your site yet.”, now you should not any code like this: cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js