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Auto-Backup from Google Drive iOS app to Google Photos will end soon

Auto-Backup from Google Drive iOS app to Google Photos will end soon

The “auto backup” feature currently available within the Google Drive iOS app will no longer be supported after 30 April 2018.

To continue backing up your photos and videos on your iOS device, get the Google Photos app and enable ‘Backup & Sync’. Learn more in the Google Photos Help Centre: Back up photos & videos

What this means for you:
Previously backed-up photos and videos will remain in Google Photos
If you want to perform manual backup of your iOS and iCloud data using Google Drive, go to ‘Settings > Backup’ within the Google Drive app

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for using Google Drive!

The Google Drive Team

Preparing AdWord certification . Choosing a campaign type

Preparing AdWord certification . Choosing a campaign type

The Google AdWords types of campaigns can be Search Network only, Display Network only or Search Network with Display select.

How to use Google Adwords to show your Ads. AdWords allows to manage or configure every single sections of your Ads, you have every time the control.
Targeting your audience
1-> Keyword targeting
2-> Display Network targeting. you can use different targeting methods to match your ad to places or audiences on the Display Network.
3-> Location and language targeting
4-> Device targeting. That means AdWords allows to choose where you want to show your Ads in dependent on the devices used by the customers on the Search Network or Display Network. Example, Show my Ad for people are using Smartphone!!

1-> Keyword targeting.  Keyword in Google AdWords is Word or phrase relevant to your Ads. Negative keywords are word or phrases you don’t want to auction in ohters words you don’t to display your ads. AdWords use your words or phrases that are relevant to your product or service  to show your ads to people searching for similar terms on Search Network . On the Display Network, when your keyword matches a webpage’s concepts or its central theme, your ad is eligible to show on that webpage that’s Google AdWords call an automatic placement.

 2-> Display Network targeting
You can target your ads based on audiences in these ways:

Audiences: Depending on your advertising goals, you can choose the audience that best matches your customers.
Interest categories: This allows you to reach people interested in products and services similar to those that your business offers.
Remarketing: This option can help you reach people who have previously visited your website while they visit other websites on the Display Network. You’ll find remarketing alongside interest categories in your account.
Demographics: This option allows you to reach people who are likely to be within the age, gender and parental status demographic group that you choose.

AdWords allow to select a specific website or App as placement for your Ads.

Location and language targeting: AdWords allow to choose a geographic location for your Ads, Cambridge/UK and the language. Keep in mind the language targeting helps make sure that your ads will appear on websites that are written in the language of the customers whom you’d like to reach. If you target your Ads to appear in Cambridge/UK and language English. So you Ads will appear in the Google Display Network, when people visit websites in Cambridge and the content that is written in English. The language targeting is independent on Operation System(OS), Browser language.

Bear in mind that our ads and keywords should be written in your target language – AdWords doesn’t translate ads or keywords.