Some services like Consulting, social media, online marketing and etc.

We can develop a website for you that will fit your specification and suit your needs
We can design your site based on existing artwork or we can create new graphics to give your site a unique look.
We can update your site for you as required. And any changes you wish to make will be completed promptly.
If your website needs updating on a regular basis we can tailor a website maintenance program that suits your requirements.

Some of our services

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SEO Management
e-smartsolution has a several experienced SEO manager with more than one decade of experience. As well you don't allow everybody repair your car of your dreams, why you don't do the same with the prestige of your project, SEO management, social manager? If want to increase your position on Google and Bing search result, only for 190 +tax per month.
The game Millionaire with CodeIgniter


CodeIgniter is an open source rapid development web application framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP. The first public version of CodeIgniter was released on February 28, 2006, and the latest stable version 2.2.0 was released June 5, 2014. CodeIgniter is loosely based on the popular Model-View-Controller development pattern. While controller classes are a necessary part of development under CodeIgniter, models and views are optional. CodeIgniter is most often noted for its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks. In a critical take on PHP frameworks in general, PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf spoke at frOSCon in August 2008, noting that he liked CodeIgniter "because it is faster, lighter and the least like a framework. Can you play the e-smartsolution game, who wants to be a millionaire, is trying to reproduce that popular TV show. That website was created by CodeIgniter, PHP, Jquery, Ajax and etc.
Professional Web Application Development will partner with your company to transform your business and help you take advantage of the myriad of opportunities on the web. We'll walk the entire web app development path with you from the idea to the product launch to contribute to your eventual web app success! Let our web development company lead your business to the top!
SEO AND SEM offering for your website. which will help you to improve your Google, Yahoo, and Bing and other search engine rankings. if you want to increase sales getting more customers, contact us for more information.
E-commerce Magento
You got an idea for an awesome money making online business. 25% of money spent in Britain is spent online. There’s no doubt about the potential business an ecommerce store can bring, so create an online store that converts visitors in to customers. One built on Magento!
Ecommerce Prestashop
We build an online store using prestashop is fast, efficient and easy to use, PrestaShop's free e-commerce solution provides everything you need to open, operate and maintain a successful online store. For us prestashop is second most important free framework for ecommerce before magento.
Ecommerce Opencart
We build your store online using Opencart. A free shopping cart system. OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution.
Website or Blog with Wordpress
We can use Wordpress to create a beautiful website or blog for you! WordPress is most popular CMS(Content management System). There are serveral most website created using wordpress, some example Vogue,,, Ariana Grande, Smithsonian institution's National, Museumem of African art,, Kylie Minogue and etc.
Website or Blog with Drupal
Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of people around the world. Drupal is maybe the second or third most important CMS.
Website or Blog with Joomla
We can create your website or blog using Joomla like CMS. Joomla! is the mobile-ready and user-friendly way to build your website. Choose from thousands of features and designs. Joomla! is free and open source.
Social Media Manager
e-smartsolution you social media manager. The social networking activities to someone who has the expertise to consistently engage customers, small business owners can save time while also making the most of social networking
CRM consultant
Our experience in CRM, we can say a good CRM system is the easiest way to good relations If you use your CRM system properly, it not only helps you to create and keep customers, you will also get all the information you need in one place. No isolated islands of information. Instead, all your colleagues are in full control of all company contacts. If anyone quits their job, you do not have to worry about losing any important information just because they left. According to your needs, business processes and budget, we can manage to help you to choose a right CRM system or develop own CRM like our e-student Manager, is a CRM ideal for English school and etc
Website manager
Ensure site is fully optimized – SEO and SEM Analyse & report weekly on website analytics & trading KPI’s Analyse customer journeys to identify opportunities to improve customer experience and conversion Ongoing development to ensure online sales and conversion opportunities are always maximised. Ongoing quality control inc. setting up regular testing schedule...