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10 Tips for how to work from home, coronavirus – covid-19

10 Tips for how to work from home coronavirus – covid-19

I had the opportunity to work from more 10 years, I have learned so far:


  1. Need to have a discipline, and behave exactly the same way when you will be working: Get Dress!
  2. Working desk, if you do not have  a spare room try use a room suitable for working your computer.
  3. Working hours, try to respect your starting time to work as your normal starting at office.. Your colleagues or customers may want to contact you.
  4. Break. Try to respect the break time – if possible let your colleague know that you are break – Status – Appear way or Right back for example Microsoft Teams.
  5. Videoconferencing. If you are going have an important video-conference online, by Zoom or Team -Let the rest of member of your home to know – Add sign on door for example – Keep calm – please to not disturb – I’m busy.
  6. Avoid if is possible call your colleagues instead to send emails, as you were at office: Phone call, again call call by Internet.
  7. Try to avoid your stress due to your work to affect the rest of the member of family.
  8. Time to go bed. Try respect the time used to go bed. You a good sleep.
  9. Be serious, you are working from: You are not on holiday or bank holiday avoid distraction – Avoid TV, gaming or watching movies
  10. Changing hours. If you need a day off, like if you were working at office. Again, let your direct manager to know or apply and wait to be approved. You need communicate to your direct manager if you are going be way for urgency. You must to sincere and honest.