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Common mistake/error message when trying to access MS SharePoint, AADSTS50085

Common mistake/error message when trying to access, this is code AADSTS50085 from Microsoft documentation, but make essier for everybodoy
You can not logged or have more than ONE SharePoint’site in the site browser.

AADSTS50085 Refresh token needs social IDP login. Have user try signing-in again with username -password

Solution of the AADSTS50085:

Solution A: Sign out the first out and sign again with different

Solution B: Using an incognito mode or private mode.

Solution C: Using different browser.

How to Disable Welcome message to group Office 365 online

How to Disable Welcome message to group Office 365 online(Azure Directory)?
Solution 1:
Using PowerShell
Step 1 Open PowerSheel and connect to ExchangeOnline

PS C:\Users\UKgoodByeSales> Connect-ExchangeOnline

Step 2 Change the value of this UnifiedGroupWelcomeMessageEnable to “false”

PS C:\Users\UKgoodByeSales> Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity "" -UnifiedGroupWelcomeMessageEnable:$false

Use the command Get-UnifiedGroup view the variable of the Sharepoint group or Azure D group:

C:\Users\MoussaSow> Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity "" | Format-List

Solution Microsoft Power apps and power automate error appres://blobmanager

Solution for Microsoft Power apps and power automate error appres://blobmanager, that will upload corruputed file to Sharepoint:

Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Create_file' inputs at line '1' and column '12861': 'The template language function 'dataUriToBinary' expects its parameter to be formatted as a valid data URI. The provided value 'appres://blobmanager/10c34f7263814cd2a8f8750449b64a29/1' was not formatted correctly. Please see for usage details.'

1- IT require to use Json on Power apps form on the OnSelect function to transform to binary code file to upload to Sharepoint by Power automate:
Change this by:

This using json:
PowerAppsUploadDocuments.Run(AddMediaButton1.FileName,Substitute(JSON(UploadedImage1.Image, JSONFormat.IncludeBinaryData),””””, “”));

Microsoft Power Automate Concurrency Control

Concurrency Control
Limit number of concurrent runs of the flow, or leave it off to run as many as possible at the same time. Concurrency control changes the way new runs are queued. It cannot be undone once enabled.
Concurrency Control

Microsoft Power automate, encodian Insert HTML to PDF, BadGateway 502 solution

Microsoft Power automate, encodian Insert HTML to PDF, BadGateway 502 solution
Error message and action Action ‘Insert_HTML_to_PDF’ failed
BadGateway html to pdf

  "error": {
    "code": 502,
    "source": "",
    "clientRequestId": "7dd5f762-ee40-4c41-8541-9df5b92281d4",
    "message": "BadGateway",
    "innerError": {
      "HttpStatusCode": 500,
      "HttpStatusMessage": "An error occurred processing the request",
      "OperationId": "3626fc0e-574b-4447-a4fb-bbeef023b27a\\1",
      "Errors": [],
      "Operation Status": "Error",
      "Filename": null,
      "FileContent": null

Solution 1: Rebsumit it
If the error code 500 or 502 appears, the failure is temporary or transient. Click or tap Resubmit to try the flow again.

Solution 2: Double-check the original PDF you are try to appaend is OK first.
You can not preview the file SharePoint by the browser the “Insert HTML to PDF” process will fail.
Hmm.. Looks like this file doesn’t have a preview we can show you.

In our case the uploading document by Power apps were not decoding the final document on SharePoint

Share an app with Microsoft 365 Groups

Share an app with Microsoft 365 Groups. Ppower apps how give implicit access to sharepoint group?
Ensure you have access to the Azure AD cmdlets.

Go to Azure portal > Azure Active Directory > Groups > Select the appropriate group > Copy the Object Id.

1 Connect to Azure AD using PowerShell:

C:\system>system32> Connect-AzureAD

2- Get-AzureADGroup -ObjectId 9d046f003-93b7-4691-9935-174139c990d3 | select *

3 If the group isn’t security enabled, you can enable it using PowerShell cmdlet Set-AzureADGroup by setting the SecurityEnabled property to True:

C:\system>system32>Set-AzureADGroup -ObjectId 9d046f003-93b7-4691-9935-174139c990d3 -SecurityEnabled $True

Assign a security group in Azure AD to a role
In the sharing panel, select Assign a security role under Data permissions.

Select the Dataverse role(s) that you want to apply to the selected Azure AD user(s) or group(s):

Microsoft form with upload file, Who can fill in this form?

Microsoft form with upload file, Who can fill in this form?

The option; Anyone can respond -is disabled when the form has an upload file:
File upload is only available when “Only people in my organisation can respond” is the selected setting

When you add a file upload to a form, the form cannot be shared with anyone link and is restricted to other people within your organization.

Who can fill in this form?
The reason is that uploaded files for personal forms are stored in the form creator’s OneDrive for Business account, at date of 24/12/2020 only the users inside the Office 365(Active Directory) can access the form with the upload option.

MC221113: Office 365 ATP External email forwarding controls and policy change

As a follow up to MC221113 (August 28th), on September 1st, 2020 the Auto-Forwarding Policy will be enforced for tenants who have configured their policy to “On” or “Off”, this includes tenants that had users external forwarding prior to September 1st 2020. Your tenant has been identified as having existing users using external forwarding prior to September 1st 2020, and for this reason the “Automatic” setting will default to “on”, i.e. external forwarding is allowed. We will contact you through a separate message center post when the “Automatic” setting will be updated to “off”.

Office 365 ATP External email forwarding

What you need to do to prepare

You should review your Auto-Forwarding Policy to verify the expected experience:

  1. Use the Auto-forwarded messages report to identify which users in your tenant are automatically forwarding messages outside the organization. Focus on users with either SMTP forwarding or Inbox rules. Exchange transport rules (ETRs) are unaffected by this change.
  2. Configure the outbound spam policies to allow automatic external forwarding for either your entire organization or specific users.

For more information, please see Configuring and controlling external email forwarding in Office 365
Sign in to the Office 365 Admin center to use the links below:
View this message in the Office 365 message center

SharePoint office 365, default permission levels

From the list Design, Edit, Contribute and Read. Place the default permission levels in order of most control to least control.

  • Design
  • Edit
  • Contribute
  • Read

SharePoint office 365, default permission levels

Site Owners = Full Control
Site Members = Edit
Site Visitors = Read
There are other default permission levels that exist as well. Here is a complete list:

Full Control – Has full control
Design – Can view, add, update, delete, approve, and customize
Edit – Can add, edit and delete lists; can view, add, update and delete list items and documents
Contribute – Can view, add, update, and delete list items and documents
Read – Can view pages and list items and download documents
View – Can view pages, list items, and documents but not download

When importing a picture into your web parts page you have three options for destination library which are?

  • Documents
  • Sample PM Documents
  • Site Assets

How many days is the default recycle bin retention, in other words how long before the recycle bin deletes items itself.
By default, items in the Recycle Bin are deleted automatically after 30 days.

True or False: When a SharePoint library has versioning enabled, it is possible to limit the number of major versions to retain.

SharePoint Limitations to URL length

SharePoint Limitations to URL length:

  • In SharePoint a url must contain no more than 260 characters(256+http)
  • A Site name cannot exceded 128 characters
  • A space is encoded in a URL as: %20