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Aircrack-ng, penetration test

Aircrack-ng, penetration test
Aircrack-ng is an 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking program that can recover keys once enough data packets have been captured. It implements the standard FMS attack along with some optimizations like KoreK attacks, as well as the all-new PTW attack, thus making the attack much faster compared to other WEP cracking tools.


 aircrack-ng --help

  Aircrack-ng 1.6  - (C) 2006-2020 Thomas d'Otreppe

  usage: aircrack-ng [options] 

  Common options:

      -a  : force attack mode (1/WEP, 2/WPA-PSK)
      -e  : target selection: network identifier
      -b  : target selection: access point's MAC
      -p  : # of CPU to use  (default: all CPUs)
      -q         : enable quiet mode (no status output)
      -C   : merge the given APs to a virtual one
      -l   : write key to file. Overwrites file.

  Static WEP cracking options:

      -c         : search alpha-numeric characters only
      -t         : search binary coded decimal chr only
      -h         : search the numeric key for Fritz!BOX
      -d   : use masking of the key (A1:XX:CF:YY)
      -m  : MAC address to filter usable packets
      -n  : WEP key length :  64/128/152/256/512
      -i  : WEP key index (1 to 4), default: any
      -f  : bruteforce fudge factor,  default: 2
      -k  : disable one attack method  (1 to 17)
      -x or -x0  : disable bruteforce for last keybytes
      -x1        : last keybyte bruteforcing  (default)
      -x2        : enable last  2 keybytes bruteforcing
      -X         : disable  bruteforce   multithreading
      -y         : experimental  single bruteforce mode
      -K         : use only old KoreK attacks (pre-PTW)
      -s         : show the key in ASCII while cracking
      -M    : specify maximum number of IVs to use
      -D         : WEP decloak, skips broken keystreams
      -P    : PTW debug:  1: disable Klein, 2: PTW
      -1         : run only 1 try to crack key with PTW
      -V         : run in visual inspection mode

  WEP and WPA-PSK cracking options:

      -w  : path to wordlist(s) filename(s)
      -N   : path to new session filename
      -R   : path to existing session filename

  WPA-PSK options:

      -E   : create EWSA Project file v3
      -I    : PMKID string (hashcat -m 16800)
      -j   : create Hashcat v3.6+ file (HCCAPX)
      -J   : create Hashcat file (HCCAP)
      -S         : WPA cracking speed test
      -Z    : WPA cracking speed test length of
      -r     : path to airolib-ng database
                   (Cannot be used with -w)

  SIMD selection:

      --simd-list       : Show a list of the available
                          SIMD architectures, for this
      --simd=   : Use specific SIMD architecture.

 may be one of the following, depending on
      your platform:


  Other options:

      -u         : Displays # of CPUs & SIMD support
      --help     : Displays this usage screen