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Installing tomcat on Docker on Windows 10

Installing tomcat on Docker on Windows 10
Installing tomcat on Docker

>docker pull tomcat

>docker run -it --rm tomcat:9.0

Run the default Tomcat server (CMD [“”, “run”]):

$ docker run -it --rm tomcat:9.0

You can test it by visiting http://container-ip:8080 in a browser or, if you need access outside the host, on port 8888:

$ docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8080 tomcat:9.0

You can then go to http://localhost:8888 or http://host-ip:8888 in a browser (noting that it will return a 404 since there are no webapps loaded by default).

Other way to run tomcat
docker pull tomcat:latest
docker run -d –name mytomcat -p 8888:8080 tomcat:latest
docker exec -it mytomcat /bin/bash
mv webapps webapps2
mv webapps.dist/ webapps


Docker Desktop new version is available (46911)

  • Upgrades
  • Docker Desktop new version is available
    Bug fixes and minor changes

    • Docker Desktop now prompts users to share directories for paths like ////c/Users/foo, rather than only paths like C:\Users\foo and C:/Users/foo.
    • The installer now returns a non-zero exit code on error or when the user cancels the installation.
    • Fixed path to the installer log file default location when the username contains a space. Fixes docker/for-win#6552
    • Dashboard: Fixed opening a CLI for Windows containers. See docker/for-win#7079
    • Dashboard: Fixed containers logs which were sometimes truncated. Fixes docker/for-win#5954
    • WSL 2: Don’t use WSL’s user default shell to ensure docker user group is correctly setup. Fixes docker/for-win#7653
    • WSL 2: Recover from distros stuck in “Installing” state.