Share an app with Microsoft 365 Groups

Share an app with Microsoft 365 Groups. Ppower apps how give implicit access to sharepoint group?
Ensure you have access to the Azure AD cmdlets.

Go to Azure portal > Azure Active Directory > Groups > Select the appropriate group > Copy the Object Id.

1 Connect to Azure AD using PowerShell:

C:\system>system32> Connect-AzureAD

2- Get-AzureADGroup -ObjectId 9d046f003-93b7-4691-9935-174139c990d3 | select *

3 If the group isn’t security enabled, you can enable it using PowerShell cmdlet Set-AzureADGroup by setting the SecurityEnabled property to True:

C:\system>system32>Set-AzureADGroup -ObjectId 9d046f003-93b7-4691-9935-174139c990d3 -SecurityEnabled $True

Assign a security group in Azure AD to a role
In the sharing panel, select Assign a security role under Data permissions.

Select the Dataverse role(s) that you want to apply to the selected Azure AD user(s) or group(s):