Google Adwords, My Client Centre(MCC)

Google Adwords, My Client Centre, MCC

Google Adwords offers you a several tools to easily manage and monitor your accounts. You manage many different Adwords account you might use My Client Centre

Adwords My Client Centre

My Client Centre, MCC, is a powerful tool that could save you time and money. Lets you easily view and manage all of your Adwords accounts from a single location.

My MCC is a quite good tool who must to manage more than one different Google Adwords account, is easy to switch from account of the laptop repairing to your account of store of shoes.

My Client Centre. Lists of almost Google Adwords Accounts. You have option to create a new Google Adwords Account or link an existing google Adword account.

My Clientre Centre – List of your different Adword account


How to link an existing Google Account to My Client Centre?  

Step 1

Once you getten access to your Google Adwords, at the left and top near to red button “Create Account” you have a button “link existing accounts”, see the next image for more information.

MCC, Link existing accounts

Link existing accounts

Step 2

You might enter the  Id of Google Adwords account that you want to link to you “My client Centre” see the image for more information:

All MCC linking now allows UI and API access. You can now connect an AdWords account to up to five MCCs. Multiple linking allows multiple agencies, third parties and clients to link to a single account.

Enter the Adwords ID to link your MCC

Enter the Adwords ID to link your MCC

Google Information about the request:
We’ll post a request-to-be-managed message in the client’s AdWords account, which the client can either approve or reject. Please remember that if your request is accepted, your activity in that account will be governed by the separate Google Advertising Programme Terms that the client enters into with Google from time to time (the “Terms and Conditions”) and you agree to be bound by those Terms and Conditions. You can check the status of your request in the previous MCC interface.
The owner of the existing Google Adwords account must to accept to your request after that Google will allow you manage that account from your My Client Centre.

Keep in mind:
1) First at all, you must have a My client Centre account, click to create one if you don’t have no one.
2) Now, you can link your existing Google Adwords or create directly on your My client Centre.
3) Linking the Google Adwords Account need the request must be validated by owner of Google Adwords Account.