PostgreSQL, Login disallowed for security reasons

PostgreSQL and phppgadmin installed, but unfortunately the login is disallowed for security reasons. Solution of ” Login disallowed for security reasons”
1. http://localhost/phppgadmin/


A) Solution on Ubuntu
1) Edit the on /etc/phppgadmin and change the $conf[‘extra_login_security’] = true; from to false

	// If extra login security is true, then logins via phpPgAdmin with no
	// password or certain usernames (pgsql, postgres, root, administrator)
	// will be denied. Only set this false once you have read the FAQ and
	// understand how to change PostgreSQL's pg_hba.conf to enable
	// passworded local connections.
	$conf['extra_login_security'] = false;

2) Restart the postgresql using

sudo systemctl restart postgresql

3) and restart the

code>sudo systemctl restart apache2