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is there any solution fo Resourcespace, error using “Replace file” option Server side error!

is there any solution fo Resourcespace, error using “Replace file” option Server side error!

When trying to replace a file on resource,

Server side error! Please check the log and contact the system administrator!

Checking the resourcespace code, on the file /pages/upload_plupload.php, the only message on the entire with this error message:

upRedirBlock = true;
                                    uploaderrormessage = 'Server side error! Please check the log and contact the system administrator!';
                                    jQuery("#upload_log").append("\r\n" + jQuery('' + info.response.replace(/\s\s/g," ") + '').text());
                                    styledalert("", uploaderrormessage );

Resourcespace, tmp folder and purge_temp_folder_age

The Resourcespace, tmp folder and purge_temp_folder_age,
ResourceSpace open source digital asset management software is the simple, fast, & free way to organise your digital assets

The resourcespace keeps the temporal files /filestore/tmp. So reduce your using of the storage, you may reduce time the system will keep those temporal:
Option for the system to empty the configured temp folder of old files when it is creating new temporary files there.
Expressed as a number of days. If the age of the temporary folder exceeds this number of days then it will be deleted.
Set to 0 (off) by default.
Please use with care e.g. make sure your IIS/Apache service account doesn’t have write access to the whole server
Go to include/config.php search for “purge_temp_folder_age”, and setup to 0 like that

## ResourceSpace
## Local Configuration Script

# All custom settings should be entered in this file.
# Options may be copied from config.default.php and configured here.

# MySQL database settings
$mysql_server = '';
$mysql_username = 'root';
$mysql_password = '';
$mysql_db = 'you_database_name';

# Base URL of the installation
$baseurl = 'http://localhost/archive';

# Email settings
$email_notify = 'your_email@youremaildomain';
$email_from = 'no-reply@youremaildomain';
# Secure keys
$spider_password = 'your_spider_password';
$scramble_key = 'your_scramble_key';
$api_scramble_key = 'Your_api_scramble_key';

# Paths
$config_windows = true;

$storagedir ='C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\archive\\filestore';


New Installation Defaults

The following configuration options are set for new installations only.
This provides a mechanism for enabling new features for new installations without affecting existing installations (as would occur with changes to config.default.php)

// Set imagemagick default for new installs to expect the newer version with the sRGB bug fixed.
$imagemagick_colorspace = "sRGB";
$imagemagick= "c:\\imagemagick"; 




$themes_show_background_image = true;


$ffmpeg_preview_force = true;
$ffmpeg_preview_extension = 'mp4';
$ffmpeg_preview_options = '-f mp4 -b:v 1200k -b:a 64k -ac 1 -c:v h264 -c:a aac -strict -2';

$daterange_search = true;
$upload_then_edit = true;
$search_filter_nodes = true;

$debug_log          = true;
$debug_log_location ="C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\archive\\logs\\logs.log";

How to install apache-tomcat,InforMEA OData provider on Windows 10

How to install apache-tomcat, InforMEA OData provider on Windows 10

Java 1.7 (not tested with 1.8)
Apache Tomcat 7.x
Hardware requirements: The minimum hardware requirements are specific to Java & Apache Tomcat hosting the toolkit, in terms of RAM allocated to the Java VM we recommend 512 MB but that depends on the dataset size and might need tweaking.
Sofware requirements: No specific requirements, we recommend CentOS Linux. Please consult the Java requirements above.

1- Install Tomcat – The current version at date of 08/10/2020 is the version 9.0 and it will install on

C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0
\webapps –> is the directory use as documentroot

Is better to change on windows services to “Apache Tomcat 9.0.38 Server” to run manually that will help to stop/restart it when you are installing the API..
Apache Tomcat 9.0.38 Server

2- Download the last release version Informea API on Github(version used is informea-2.4.5.war)
And this WAR file and copy it to Tomcat webapps, and restart the Tomcat, and it should it the informea api

To check it

http://localhost:8090 is tomcat is working( in our case, installed informea)

2.1 Configuration of Mysql and database:
You will to change:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\informea245\WEB-INF\classes\META-INF

http://localhost:8090/informa245 — My installation

InforMEA OData toolkit

Razer laptop webcam is working very good with Zoom

The Razer laptop webcam is working very good with Zoom


1- Update the driver of the Camera, to do so , Control panel ->Search and open Device manager -> Expand “Cameras” Right click on the USB camera -> Select “Update driver”. Try 2 options, first the automatic option(recommended)

If that is not solving you Zoom’s videos issues, try to update the Windows 10. CLick on “Start” and search for “Update”, you should see “Check for update”, if there any update you should something like that:

2020-09 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 2004 for x64 (KB4576945)

Windows always has some update.

Follow the steps to update you Windows.


Open Zoom and try to see if the video is working now: Once Zoom App is opened:

Click on your name(avatar) at top corrner -> Click on “Settings”  -> Videos. If the issue video on Zoom is still not working. Try update the Zoom. The last version of September 28, 2020 version 5.3.1 (52877.0927)



VIZ Zoom Meeting, keep calm please do not disturb

When you are planing a Very Important Zoom(VIZ) meeting – 3 important tips for your Zoom’s meeting:

1- Check your Internet connection, prepare a plan B if you have that option – Another participant could have your presentation
2- Working from your home – Let the member of your family or household know about your VIZ
2- Add if possible a notice on your home office – like the duration of your meeting

VIZ, Very Important Zoom

How to remove cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js, to avoid CloudFlare add this Javascript

CloudFlare add this Javascript is adding javascript cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js.
To log in to your CloudFlare -> your domain name -> To Apps

And check the tab “Your Installed Apps” and uninstall the apps you do not need.
Enter to CloudFlare -> your domain name -> To Apps

This Javascript will alaywas appear on your website if you have at least one App installed on Cloudflare dashboard. if you see: “You haven’t installed any apps on your site yet.”, now you should not any code like this: cdn-cgi/apps/head/_0O0CVE8iO1N70wZ_7nrHi3o2lQ.js

OJS 3, An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again.

OJS 3, An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again.

OJS 3, An unexpected error has occurred. Please reload the page and try again.
The version of OJS is: Current version: (July 30, 2020 – 08:24 AM)

Source code from Firefox:

Uncaught TypeError: b is undefined
    modalOpen /js/pkp.min.js?v=
    ajaxErrorCallback /js/build.js?v=
    error /js/build.js?v=
    jQuery 4
Cookie “OJSSID” has been rejected because it is already expired. _submissions
Uncaught TypeError: b is undefined
    modalOpen /js/pkp.min.js?v=
    modalOpen /js/pkp.min.js?v=
Uncaught TypeError: b is undefined
    modalOpen /js/pkp.min.js?v=
    modalOpen /js/pkp.min.js?v=

Solution: – Follow e-smartsolution(

You will need to update you version this file: classes/controlledVocab/

Attempt to fetch an existing controlled vocabulary.

Yoast SEO academy -Local SEO – Certificate – esmartsolution

Yoast SEO academy -Local SEO – Certificate – esmartsolution
has successfully completed the Local SEO
What is local SEO
On-page optimization for local search
Technical optimization for local search
Content optimization for local search
Contact page optimization
Off-page optimization for local search
Link building for local SEO
Local citations
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Google My Business
Google My Business
The Yoast Local SEO plugin

 successfully completed the Local SEO course!

How to copy a file directly from Kubernetes Pods

You can donwload a copy a file directly from Kubernetes Pods; you will need

1- A copy of your DigitalOcean – Kubernete configuration

2- and Kubectl

You need an update of the configuration,
Download the configuration file
To connect to your cluster from the command line, you need a configuration file on your administration machine that contains an authentication certificate and other connection information
How to copy directly from DigitalOcean's Pods

>kubectl --kubeconfig="config.yaml" exec --stdin --tty yourpodsonKubernet --namespace="YourNameSpaceinKubernet" -- /bin/bash

And you should acces to the pods like that, to acces to the server, mine is Linux, now I can copy from there to file


Decrypt the data encrypted from Qnap, without Qnaq runining

You may want to decrypt the backup downalod encrypted from Qnap, without Qnaq runining

You will need:

Java and hybrid_backup_sync_decipher_1.6.1.jar

If you are using windows, you want to use WSL(you can install for example Ubuntu)

1. Go to the current tool folder
2. use command line :
java -jar hybrid_backup_sync_decipher_XXX.jar -i PATH_FILE_TO_DECIPHER -o PATH_PLAIN_FILE (where XXX is the current version).
You will be ask for the password, or you can provide it with '-p' option. You can add verbose mode with '-v'

java -jar hybrid_backup_sync_decipher_1.6.1.jar -i yourSourceDir -o yourDestintationDir -p YourPassword -r -v